Intuition-ImaGine: Nimble

IntuGine Technologies presents you Nimble, a tiny and flexible ring shaped device designed to magically transform 15 ft in your device into a highly accurate interactive space (sub-mm accuracy within 1 m and sub-cm within 5 m).

Just plug in our USB sensor in your device, wear Nimble on your finger and leave the rest on our software. The product comes with three nimble rings, a USB sensor and a software.

Nimble tip

This ring is designed for finger tip. It is less than 2 cm long and fits in most fingers. There are two such rings , one each for index finger and thumb.Our software starts tracking the rings as soon as you wear them.These two rings alone can effectively replace mouse and keyboard. You can paint and write, point, pinch to zoom, interact with 3D models, play games and do much more. Nimble Tip works anywhere within 15 ft. of sensor. These tiny devices are rechargeable – that means eternal hours of painting, gaming, music and whatever you like.

Nimble touch

This tiny ring is just a centimeter long and has a flexible diameter. You can wear it like a ring. Designed to fit in most of the fingers, it has a small and soft button at the top. Our software starts tracking the ring as you press the button. Apart from its uses in many applications, it is specially optimized to control songs/videos within a range of 15 ft and to be used as a pointer. With nimble touch, you can swap slides effortlessly within a range of 30 ft in presentation rooms. It serves as a controlling tool in various games and music applications.


Our sensor plugs into the USB port of your computer. This 3 inch long, powerful sensor converts 15 ft in its front, into your workspace. It finds your position with sub-millimeter accuracy and updates it many times faster than what a human eye can observe. Only one sensor is sufficient to track any number of Nimble rings. And you can stay worry-free, as our sensor does not emit any type of radiation.


The soul of the device is our software. It has been developed over many years, studying the science of gesture and motion sensing. Our software uses the sensor to calculate the position of Nimble. Our smart and intelligent algorithms can locate, track and follow many Nimble rings simultaneously.

Environment Mapping: Our environment mapping algorithms eliminate any noise or disturbance of surroundings.
Gesture recognition: We can store any number of user defined complicated gestures and assign applications and uses to them quite easily.For example, using your signature as a password and drawing the letter "G" with your fingers for opening Google.


Our team has developed our very own User Interface above windows. So you can touch things, rotate wheels, pull threads and dashboards from above, swap and flick to play with a lively, responsive UI layer floating above your OS. Our huge developer community is bringing new amazing ways to interact with computers that are much easier, natural, and intuitive than they have ever been.


Our product does not require you to clean the room, use plain floorings ,or shake your hands for long time in the air to start tracking your position. Even if someone passes between you and our sensor, we immediately retrieve and re-track your fingers automatically.Even if someone passes-by between you and our sensor, our sensor immediately retrieves and re-tracks your fingers automatically. So you can use nimble for long hours without any disturbance. We currently support Windows and will be launching on other platforms quite soon.