Consumer Solutions

High Value Asset Tracking

Matchbox-sized GPS-GSM tracking module

Easily attachable to all types of packages

Real time tracking of location and package health

Customizable dashboard and text/email alerts

Tech Specs

Rechargeable battery
Micro USB Charging
5 to 6 days battery life
Motion sensor

Nimble Sense vs Normal GPS Tracker

Nimble sense works in all adverse situations

Inside the warehouse

Inside the metaltruck

In between stack of cartons

Inside cargo container

Very small size
Wireless & portable
Long battery life


Crates, Bins & Pallets

Optimising the logistics and visibility of bins, crates, containers, or pallets by tracking each shipment separately and efficiently

Supply Chain Visibility

Capturing data to optimize the logistics challenges throughout the supply chain.

Oil, Fuel and Gas Tanks

Logistics, inventory management, and route planning, for distributors of petroleum, bulk lubes and fluids, propane gas, and other liquids.


Real time tracking of the important documents and high-value couriers.

Fine Arts

Real time tracking of antiques and artifacts

Medical Equipment

Tracking the package health and the location of high-value medical consignment.


Tracking of medical samples, medicines and vaccines and ensuring the package health.


Asset tracking and inventory management for high-value electronics items.

Precious Metal

Tracking the movement of heavy duty precious metals


Tracking the movement of banknotes, credit cards, and other important items.

Family Safety

Keep your loved ones protected. Get the features like locations, sos, fall detection for Kids, elderly & pets.


A smart way to help protect your essentials such as luggage, vehicle, keys.

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