Bringing Visibility to the Indian Logistics Industry

Providing End to End solutions for tracking Marketplace Vehicles in India.

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Inability of tracking of your freight can put you off track in
the business. 80% of shipments have limited or zero visibility,
as they are transported through 3rd-party trucks. This
tracking inability leads to huge void in Operations.


Our aim is to breach the gap with our innovative hardware,
software and cloud/mobile based solutions. Our solutions
include real-time visibility & predictive analysis to ensure
efficiency and productivity


Logistics through Innovation

Our enterprise logistics management solution
is designed and customized as per the client’s
requirement. Using smart technology and big
data analytics we are well equipped to serve
all client’s need.
Sight Portable
GSM Tracker
Orbit Cell
Intutrack Location
Tracking App

Sight - Portable GSM Tracker

Handy instrument | Requires no installation | convenient to use

Predict real time ETA and take informed decisions

Large Battery Backup, Rugged device and Tamper-proof

Especially designed Dashboard and Device
Management Systems
for Portable Trackers

Orbit - Cell Tracking

Driver's existing number is traced by LBS tracking.

Simplest software solution with no Capital expenditure.

Tailored dashboard and device management systems.

Pre-activated use-and-throw SIM cards is prearranged for the driver

IntuTrack - Smartphone App

Route Navigation and Mapping

Signature and OTP based Proof of Deliveries

Automated billing and invoices.

In-app and SMS notifications to reduce the need
for the time spent on coordination

How it Works

Vehicle Enters the Warehouse

Start the GSM tracking while the
vehicle is loading the material.

In - transit

Monitor your vehicle’s location
without relying on information
from your shipping company.

Vehicle reaches the Destination

Allocate your resources according to
the ETA’s given by IntuTrack Software. Stop the tracking.

Alerts and Analytics